Eating Well » 5 Practical Ways to Start Eating Healthy for Beginners

5 Practical Ways to Start Eating Healthy for Beginners

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Did you know that the most Instagrammed food is Pizza? Let’s be honest, the number one food most people think of ordering when they are too lazy to cook or craving something good is pizza. It’s convenient, delicious, and a favorite food for many around the world. However, it’s often labeled as unhealthy as it is high in sodium, carbs, and calories. Social media continues to influence our eating habits and the more photogenic a food is, the more we want it no matter how unhealthy it is.

We are in the “cravings” era, and we justify our love for unhealthy junk foods with cravings and tell ourselves that it’s okay to eat them once in a while. However, the “once in a while” turns to every day and becomes our steady eating habit.

The idea of healthy eating might not sound appealing to most people. Why? This is because of the notion that healthy or whole foods are bland or flavorless. When you practice the consumption of natural fresh foods, it will not only lower your risk of several diseases such as cancer, obesity, and diabetes but also gives you more energy to do things such as sports and work out. Look for the best fitness gyms near me.

Eating healthy is one of the best things that you can do to protect your health. Here are some practical ways if you want to start eating healthy:

1. Uninstall food order apps and unsubscribe from the restaurant mailing list

We spend most of our time on our phones and browsing a food order app takes only one click and you’re back to your old eating habits. Thus, uninstalling them will make you forget the convenience and cook healthier foods instead. Also, unsubscribing from the restaurant’s mailing list will prevent you from having to look at their newest offering of Bacon-wrapped pork cutlet with stuffed mozzarella on the menu.

2. Create a weekly healthy meal plan

When you start eating healthy, it is a struggle to maintain a balanced diet and prevent yourself from going back to the junk food wagon. Thus, creating a weekly meal plan with the right number of calories that your body needs is the key to maintaining a healthy diet. It will also prevent you from choosing convenient unhealthy food since you already have a meal plan in place. Ask for recommendations from the amazing instructors in gyms near me.

3. Exercise portion control in your diet

Eating healthy does not mean just loading up on vegetables and fruits and forgetting that there are also other food groups that are essential to your diet. Practicing portion control can help you to eat the recommended serving sizes of foods that you need throughout the day. Creating a healthy plate with the right portion of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, protein, and healthy oils will balance your body’s needs.

4. Socialize healthily

What first comes to mind when we go out with our friends? Food and drinks, right? If you can’t get away from eating in restaurants, request the server to triple your vegetables and request butter and sauces on the side. Also, look for food choices on the menu that have grilled, baked, or broiled as these are cooked in a healthier way. 

What’s even better? Ask your friends that instead of meeting for food and drinks, you can take a walk, visit a museum, or work out in a gym instead. Check out gyms near me for the best in the area.

5. Be active

Did you know that getting active with regular workouts and exercise can prevent cravings and make you eat healthier? Many of those who exercise started eating healthy foods like vegetables, whole grains, fish, and fewer junk foods. Stay healthy at fitness gyms near me.

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