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Achieving peak health and performance requires physical and mental fitness. It’s not just about standard fitness metrics like body fat percentage, pounds of fat lost, pounds of muscle gained, and weight lifted. Those numbers are important, but they can look good while other aspects of your health lag behind.

At RCG Health & Fitness, we take a holistic approach to fitness and sports training. We emphasize member education. We monitor your blood pressure. We talk in depth about nutrition and give you access to a nutritionist. We talk about medications—and getting off them—and give you access to a pharmacist.

Our facility offers a wide range of classes—and not just exercise classes. For example, if improving your financial literacy will help get your stress under control and improve your focus, we’ve got you covered.

Welcome to our fitness and health community of amazing coaches, high-quality specialized exercise equipment, a holistic perspective, and a supportive group dynamic.

At RCG Health & Fitness, we help you achieve peak physical condition, wellness, and performance with group fitness classes, a holistic approach, member education, and some totally amazing coaches.


Train with highly qualified coaches who know how to motivate and inspire and how to drastically improve your physical and mental health and fitness.

Tim Cheatwood Sr.

Health Fitness Specialist
Strength Performance Coach

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