Yoga Instructor

RCG Yoga Instructor Jenna Walker

As I began my yoga journey I started to see and feel the effects immediately. I was able to deal with stress better and I felt more confident in myself and my capabilities. After a year of practice, I knew I wanted to teach these tools and share the benefits with as many people as I could. Shortly after I moved to Orlando I found Guruv Yoga Studio where I got my 200 hour yoga teacher certification. A consistent yoga practice can reduce stress, help you stay calm and focus, cultivate discipline and help you learn to self-regulate. As I grow as a yoga instructor, I want to help my students build a yoga practice that is their own. I want my students to find confidence, strength and peace on and off the mat. My hope is that through a regular and safe yoga practice, my students will begin to see just how powerful they truly are both physically and mentally.

Instgram: inspired_yogi21


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