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Best Ways to Enjoy Your Stay in Sanford, FL?

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by | Oct 27, 2022 | Blog

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, you can’t miss out on fun activities you can do during your stay in Sanford, Florida. Nestled in the central region of Florida and the county seat of Seminole County, Sanford is known as the “Historic Waterfront Gateway City” and sits on the Southern shore of Lake Monroe. Did you know that before the city was formed, Native Americans were the first ones to settle in the area thousands of years ago? Thus, this city has been bedazzled with both history and architectural integrity that is perfect for a weekend getaway with the family. If you miss working out during your vacation or can’t go a day without exercising, you better check out fitness gyms near me in Sanford.

This city is famous for its brick-lined streets, picturesque nineteenth-century Victorian-inspired homes, towering oak trees, and elegant storefronts ideal for scenic walks. People can certainly enjoy different attractions during their stay in this vibrant city. Here are some of the things you can try while staying in Sanford, Florida:

Visit the Zoo

Kids and adults alike will surely love to spend the day at the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens home to different kinds of animals such as monkeys, giraffes, colorful birds, amphibians, and reptiles in all sorts and sizes. Only a five-minute car ride from historic downtown and you can also enjoy different activities in the Zoom Air Adventure Park complete with ziplines and rope bridges for those adrenaline junkies. You can even try working out first before doing any heart-racing activities, just check out gyms near me.

Go on a Sanford Food Tours

Who doesn’t love to eat, right? And the best way to enjoy all the scrumptious delicacies Sanford has to offer is through walking food and history tours. Not only will your stomach be full but also your mind through the colorful history of this city.

If you love the water, why not take your food tour to the next level by booking your lunch or dinner in one on a kind cruise in St. Johns River sailing on the only authentic sternwheeler, Riverside Barbara-Lee complete with scenic and picturesque views of the lake.

Immerse yourself in Art

For the history and art lovers out there, you will surely enjoy visiting the Sanford Museum and appreciating theatrical productions at Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center. You can also visit several galleries which is a nice way to spend the afternoon in the city.

Get yourself moving 

What better way to enjoy your visit to Sanford and stay healthy at the same time is by doing fun and energy-pumping activities. There is an array of outdoor options in the area which includes biking through Sanford Riverwalk which is nearly 5-miles long and located on the southern shore of Lake Monroe complete with scenic views and amazing wildlife. If you’re a fitness regular, why not visit gyms near me so you would not miss leg day even on vacation. It is also worth checking out fitness gyms near me if you want to stay fit and healthy during your stay in Sanford.


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