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Easy to follow Ways to Stay Healthy this 2023

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The first day of the year is the signal to take out our planners and to write down our new year resolutions that we want to achieve throughout the year. This has been a tradition for most people, particularly in Western culture which even dates back to at least the early 19th century. Whether you want to save more money, lose weight, learn something new or read more, writing your new year’s resolution gives you the motivation to at least start doing it. Unfortunately, most people or about 80% fail to keep their new year’s resolutions by February and only about 8% actually stick to their goals the entire year.

One of the most common new year’s resolutions is to stay healthy through increasing daily exercise and eating healthy. During the holiday season, particularly during Christmas and New year, parties with a lot of eating and drinking trigger our minds to choose to be healthier in the upcoming year. You probably have a friend or two that says to you at a party that they will sign up to gyms in Seminole in January but they are saying this while chowing down pigs in blankets and drinking wine. This is a typical scenario when the new year comes, and that is why for the longest time, new year’s resolutions have become a kind of joke as people usually fail to keep them.

However, no matter if it’s the new year or not, staying healthy should be our priority all throughout the year. We should not just put it in a notebook or planner and forget about it the next day. There are small habits that you can do that will keep you healthy and happy this 2023:

Get sufficient sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep for 7 or more hours a night will not only improve your brain performance but also lower your risk of serious health problems such as diabetes and heart diseases. Make it a practice to sleep earlier and avoid using electronic devices such as smartphones and computers close to your bedtime to reduce blue light exposure that can affect sleep. 

Learn a new sport or hobby

New year means a new you. Thus, giving yourself a new way to channel your stress and have fun at the same time will surely keep you healthy. For instance, if you love nature, you can try hiking with your friends during the weekends. Having a hobby will keep your mind sharp and your body moving. Thus, leading to a much healthier lifestyle.

Consume less sugar and salt

One of the hardest things to let go of is your daily morning donut or snacking on your favorite potato chips while watching a series on Netflix. However, to keep yourself healthy this new year, you have to make sacrifices for your health and body. Make it a habit to eat a healthy breakfast like oatmeal or avocado toast to avoid getting yourself a donut for breakfast. Also, always eat before you go to the grocery store to avoid getting your hands on unhealthy snacks such as potato chips and candies.

Read 5 pages of a book each day

Keeping yourself healthy does not only mean going to fitness centers in Seminole Fl to lift weights and build muscles but giving your brain exercise will regain your focus, reduce stress, and improve your overall mental health. Make it a habit to read each day even as little as 5 pages each. You will not notice that you have already finished the book.


Probably the hardest resolution to keep is consistent exercise upon signing up in gyms in Seminole. However, this is one of the most important habits that a person should keep throughout the year. Moving your body will not only reduce your risk for serious diseases but also improve your mood and overall health. Not only that, but you will also definitely achieve the summer body you want. Ask your friendly coaches from RCG health fitness, one of the best fitness centers in Seminole Fl to help you create a workout plan that works best for you and will keep you motivated to exercise throughout the year.

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