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Heading Back To The Gym And Working Out Safely: RCG Tips

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by | Jun 16, 2022 | Blog, Physical Fitness

Do you intend to resume exercising after a long break? If you answered yes, we are undoubtedly on the same page. I was looking forward to going to one of my favorite fitness gyms near me. 

In this article, we’ll go over some of the key considerations for getting back on track while preventing injury.

Replenish good habits

Many factors influence your physical health and fitness performance, including events that occur outside of the gym. Sleep, both quality and quantity, stress levels, nutrition, alcohol consumption, and water consumption are all factors that influence your overall health and bodily response.

Furthermore, much of these factors are interconnected; for instance, excessive alcohol use can influence hydration and sleep quality, raising stress levels and triggering increased desires, leading to bad eating choices.

After a night of drinking and sleeping poorly, what do you think you’ll do at the gym? You’ll find it easier to get back on track if you have your healthy habits and routines in order.

Warm-up and cool-down exercises

Your muscles will need to be reconditioned and primed for exercise. 

Stretching or practicing the same movements without weights before each exercise will help to stimulate your muscles. Warm up your muscles using a foam roller. After you’ve finished working out, repeat the process.

Weights Should Be Reduced

Start slowly to avoid overworking your muscles and joints. A reasonable rule of thumb is to pick up no more than 70-80% of the weights you previously lifted. Start with 30kg if you were previously doing 40kg bench press. Work your way up by increasing your weight by about 10% each week.

Lower the repetitions

Apply the same logic to the number of repeats each set. The secret is to load slowly. If you used to do 12 reps every set, try doing only 6 now. Allow your body to re-acclimate to each exercise before gradually increasing to the previous 12 reps per set.


Do you go too far, too fast, or too hard for yourself? You are the only one who can respond. Pay attention to every every step, check in with yourself frequently, and pay attention to your body. When in doubt, stay away. It’s preferable to “underwork” and hurt yourself than to overwork.

Drink Water

Keep consuming plenty of water and preparing meals and snacks ahead of time for when the gym opens. Our hydration is critical for exercising, and once we begin doing full-body workouts, our water requirements increase. By establishing these habits now, you will be prepared when you return to pumping iron.

Maintain a positive attitude

Proper care of your body involves your mind, body, and spirit. 

Consider why you’re doing this for yourself, set a goal for yourself, and keep it in mind every time you walk into the gym. Allow your body to feel the benefits of exercise and motion by mentally preparing to go to the gym.

Get professional assistance

You understand the value of proper form, especially when working out at a limited capacity. You may be a seasoned gym goer who knows your way around the machines and equipment, but you also understand that a personal trainer can help you go further.

You might also visit a physiotherapist or a personal trainer at a gym near me who can make any required adjustments to your training program to ensure you’re exercising safely and effectively.

Are you ready to get back into the gym? Remember these suggestions and go for it. Always keep in mind that safety comes first.

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