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Is Weightlifting Bad For Women? Here Are Some Of The Myths Debunked

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by | Aug 11, 2022 | Blog, Physical Fitness

When we hear the word weightlifting, we immediately think of heavily muscled men with bulging veins lifting tons of weight and sweat trickling down their massive bodies. Did you know that weightlifting is also an Olympic sport? Athletes in this sport compete in the Olympics by lifting a barbell loaded with weights that they need to lift from the ground to over the head. Contrary to popular belief, this sport is not only competed by men but also women. 

Most women would opt to do cardio and bodyweight exercises to improve their physical body. These are forms of exercise that can make you lose weight, build body mass, and boost your metabolism. It can significantly improve many risk factors associated with heart diseases and obesity. Some also prefer yoga exercises that promote harmony in mind and body and have been proven beneficial for both physical and mental health. Consult with a fitness instructor in gyms near me for the best exercises that fit your body type and goals.

However, only a few women were brave enough to let go of common cardio and yoga exercises and venture into the world of lifting weights. There are countless myths about weightlifting that hinders most women to try this workout. If you are one of those women who are skeptical about weightlifting, here are some things that you should not believe about it:

1. Weightlifting will make you look bulky

This is probably the most common myth associated with weightlifting. Most women would prefer their bodies to appear to be less muscly and more toned. Though it is true that when you lift weights, you will gain muscle mass in the long run. However, this will only happen if you do weightlifting for a significant period of time but doing it only for a couple of days a week will only give you stronger bones and joints, burn body fat, reduce injury risk, build muscle, and improve your overall health. Looking for the best place to work out your muscles? Check out fitness gyms near me.

2. Pregnant women should not lift weights

According to studies, resistance exercises such as lifting weights are actually safe during pregnancy. Though it is important that before doing any weightlifting exercises during pregnancy, you should consult with your healthcare provider if you are clear to do this kind of exercise and will not affect your pregnancy in any way.

3. Weightlifting can cause serious injuries

Lifting heavy weights can be very intimidating, particularly for beginners. When starting out, it is important that you have an idea of what your body goals are. This will then determine how much weight you need at the beginning to avoid any untoward incident of a muscle tear or back strain. Consult with fitness gyms near me for the proper weight appropriate for your body type and the specific exercises that you need to do to achieve the body you want. 

Women should be able to embrace the challenge of weightlifting since it offers a lot of benefits and can even be more exciting than normal cardio workouts. It is best to consult with gyms near me on how to start your weightlifting journey.

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