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Why Is Flexibility And Balance So Vital As We Age

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by | Apr 5, 2022 | Physical Fitness

It’s more vital than ever to take a proactive attitude to your health as you become older.

Physical exercise is an important aspect of aging well since it helps to avoid a variety of health concerns, including diabetes and heart disease.

Flexibility training and maintenance as well as maintaining the balance can help you reduce the risk of injury, maintain excellent balance, and have a wider range of motion as you become older. When you develop a little flexibility, you will feel stronger because you will have a wider range of motion, which will allow your muscles to perform more effectively.

Maintaining flexibility and balance can help older persons maintain muscle and joint health, allowing them to continue enjoying their favorite everyday activities while remaining independent.

The Need For Flexibility As You Age

If you’re wondering if we can grow more flexible as we get older, the answer is absolutely yes! Our bodies have a propensity to degrade as we become older. We lose suppleness in our skin, muscular tone, and bone density. In addition, the water content of our tendons reduces, making our tendons stiffer. All of these things can contribute to our natural loss of flexibility.

The shoulders and hips are the most commonly impacted regions when it comes to diminished flexibility. The spine, neck, knees, ankles, and any other joint-containing region of the body might be impacted by the alterations. Chronic aches and pains might arise as a result of this.

The Advantages Of Flexibility As You Grow Older:

  • Enhances your capacity to carry out physical tasks every day.
  • Reduces the likelihood of injuries like fractures and muscle strains.
  • Balance is improved, which reduces the chance of falling and damage.
  • Reduces the severity of chronic pain.
  • As a result of improved total muscle performance, your exercises will improve.
  • Reduces hunching over by improving posture.
  • Assists you in maintaining a more youthful appearance.


How to Make Your Balance Stronger

Your core is the foundation for good balance. That’s just one of the numerous reasons why, as you become older, you should focus on keeping a strong core. Begin with a few easy balance and coordination exercises. These are simple to execute and don’t require any special equipment. Because poor balance leads to falls, make sure you’re informed of how to avoid them in addition to strengthening your core.

You could also think about the following to enhance your balance:

Take some walks

  • Take as many steps as you can. Every day,  you may opt to walk nearly a mile to work because it has various health advantages, including improved balance and coordination.
  • To motivate you to walk more, keep track of your steps. To keep track of your steps, you may use a mobile application. 
  • Take a hike. Hiking on uneven terrain aids with balance improvement.


Getting into a Gym

  • There is a lot of equipment at gyms that may help you improve your core. You might think about going to the best gym in your area, the RCG gym.
  • Medicine balls and balance boards are especially good for improving your core since they can be used for a range of balance and coordination activities.


Balance Training’s Importance

The United States of America claims that Falls are the largest cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Falls can take away a senior’s freedom and significantly reduce their quality of life. Balance exercises are beneficial to people of all ages when they are included in their daily practice.

Simple exercises you may practice every day to maintain your balance include:

  • While cleaning the dishes, stand on one leg or grasp onto a strong chair. Holding your foot in front, to the side, and behind you are all options. Perform 10 repetitions on each side for 10 seconds each.
  • Sit and stand alone in a chair or bench. Without using your hands, practice. Rep for a total of ten times.
  • From a sitting or all-fours position on the floor, stand up. Getting from the floor to a standing posture might be challenging, so start carefully and ask for help if necessary. Repeat 10 times more.


Age is only a number, and doing nothing will not slow down the aging process. Maintaining movement might be challenging for many elderly people. As we become older, our muscles and joints weaken, and our range of motion decreases.

The development and maintenance of strength, improved flexibility, and better circulation and blood flow are all benefits of stretching and balancing, all of which contribute to a higher quality of life and healthy aging.

When you’ve made the decision to attend a gym in Sanford, RCG gym can assist you.

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