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Yoga For Lower Back Pain Relief

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by | Aug 25, 2022 | Blog, Physical Fitness

What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the word Yoga? Well, you might think of men and women sitting on a mat doing some out-of-this-world pose that looks like their bodies are twisting in different directions like a contortionist. In reality, Yoga is a very gentle and stress-relieving practice that brings harmony to the mind and body.

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” which means “Join or Unite”. You probably heard of the Hindu God, Shiva the “Destroyer”. Did you know that in Yogic lore, it is believed that he is the first Yogi and the first Guru? He is also called the “Restorer” as his destruction also serves as a way to rejuvenate energy and prolong life which is the core value of Yoga practice. 

Though Yoga is a spiritual discipline and has been practiced with a strong focus to achieve union with God, nowadays, it is considered a form of exercise that helps manage stress and anxiety. It does not only improve vitality and energy but also increases flexibility and muscle strength. You can also ask fitness gyms near me for simple exercises to add to your daily routine.

As Yoga consists of different breathing exercises, meditation, and calming poses, it is easier for the body to develop inner awareness and improve the body’s abilities to function properly. Each pose works by stretching the muscles and incorporating a form of breathing technique that when done right, builds core strength in the deep abdominal muscles. Yoga practice does not only help in improving balance and flexibility in your body, but it also helps you to get in the right mindset to prepare your body to fall asleep better. As they say, sleep is the best meditation, and it is essential to every process in the body and will help in making sure that our physical and mental functions are ready for the next day. There are also other forms of exercises that can improve your sleep, ask the experts at gyms near me.

Yoga offers a lot of benefits. With a mat in hand and proper execution of Yoga poses, it can help people suffering pain from different conditions that affect their daily functions. One of these conditions is lower back pain which is caused by problems in the muscles, bones, nerves, and spinal muscles which make it harder for a person to complete their daily tasks. For people who live a sedentary lifestyle particularly in this working from the home era, back pain is a common problem. Staying sedentary can increase stiffness and flexibility and can worsen back pains. People between the ages 30 and 50 are more susceptible to these conditions. Thus, incorporating Yoga into your daily routine will help in easing the pain and increase mobility. Check out fitness gyms near me for the best exercises to ease the pain of your chronic low back pain.

Since Yoga helps muscles stretch and relax, it will prevent further strain in the muscles and improve flexibility. However, it is important to know that Yoga should be done properly to prevent any further strain on your lower back. Thus, checking out gyms near me will help you find the best yoga instructor to guide you in the proper poses you can do for your lower back pain. Practicing Yoga can help you function better and improve your quality of life.

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